The IVCon authors

Core author is John Burkardt. Helpful corrections to the 3DS reader were supplied by John F Flanagan.

The GMOD reader and writer were written and supplied by Zik Saleeba.
Improvements to the DXF routines to handle polygon oriented files were supplied by Zik Saleeba.

The 3DS reader is based on a program by Martin van Velsen, with the help of Gert van der Spoel.

Divided into small files, corrections and improvements, normals computation by Philippe Guglielmetti.

Rewritten, vierified, corrected many bugs, improved 3DS filter and main class by Tomasz Lis.

You may be one of the authors too. Just download the source code and add new function or fix some bugs. Then, contact one of the project admins to become a developer, or just send your modifications to an admin and he will do the rest.

Note that this program is public domain and open source. Because of that, there is no single owner of this program. Every person that feels involved with this tool may claim to be one of the owners.